Here are a few Testimonials from Clients I have given treatment.

A Friend told me about the skills of Jenny and her surgeon Joshua. Having had a chronic eye condition for many years, I was looking forward to some relief. I was met by a lovely  lady, beautifully dressed, smiling and friendly, Jenny introduced herself and gave a sincere and welcoming hug, so I was made to feel at ease straight away. When Jenny commenced the healing I was able to visualise lovely colours of pink,purple, green and blue I felt nothing else but total trust in the procedure. I had such a wonderful energy as  I have never experienced before.  My eyes felt completely different, wide open and with a real sensation of coolness about them, something I've not experienced for years,they look and feel healthier and I am so totally grateful to Jenny and her surgeon Joshua.                              
M.K. Isle of Wight      

I just thought I would write to say a big thank you to you and your wonderful guides for the work you did on my knee.I had been told by the doctors that I was probably looking at surgery, but having spiritual surgery from you in between my scans, has meant I have a reprieve.  Thanks again to you Jenny, Joshua the surgeon and all your guides.                          
Barbara Waters - Spiritual Medium - Essex

Dear Jenny
thank you for my lovely treatments. I came to you for stress and relaxation. Over the period of time, you made me fell like a new person. I feel calmer, sleep much better and my heart plamtation are now past. My sinus problem has gone to I shall continue to have top-ups sessions and I would like to recommend you to all. Thank you again and keep up your great work.  
Yvonne C. London

I went to see Jenny a few years ago to see if Reiki treatments will help me to relax. I had breast cancer nine years ago and since then, I find it to find relaxation. Reiki sessions helped me to relax and sleep better at night. I felt calmer, lighter, like a weight had lifted from my body, and warmer inside me like my body was healing itself. Each treatment was very soothing and I also felt positive emotional benefits and more energy.
Jenny is very caring, gentle and friendly person and I have no hesitation in recommending Jenny's reiki treatments as a benefit to others.
Pilar M

 I have attended Jenny's reiki sessions. Over the last 4 years after having major surgery I was left emotionally drained and stressed. Jenny is incredibly welcoming, calm and caring, and full of enthusiasm. She takes time to listen and is very informative. I fell comfortable throughout the sessions which leaves me energised and at ease. Jenny creates a beautifully space which benefits the healing. Thank you Jenny.

Sally L
London e11

I have received Spiritual Surgery / Healing from Jenny (Joshua) on Two occasions, i have received Spiritual Healing and Reiki Healing from many people. I have been a Spiritual Healer for the past Twelve years and a Reiki Master for the past Nine years, also achieving Okudon Level in Eastern Reiki. What I received from Jenny (Joshua ) was nothing like anything i have ever experienced before. It was truly amazing and left me speechless. From the moment Jenny (Joshua) placed hands on me, i went into a state of total relaxation, deep, to the point of unconsciousness, anaesthetised. In saying that i could still resonate with what was happening and what i could feel going on inside of me. The Healing was intense yet calming, intrusive but painless. I experienced things, all good, feelings colours a sense of well being  to a level never achieved before. At all times throughout my treatment i felt at peace safe and assured,  Jenny (Joshua ) was a true Professional , Knowledgeable and in control at all times, and I have no hesitation in recommending her, and have done so. Many Thanks.

 Steve Sullivan, 2011