My Story

I have worked in and around the Essex area for the last 27 years as a swimming and aerobics teacher specialising in diving and water aerobics, which gave me a great knowledge of the human body, it’s disabilities and strengths.

The second of two knee operations forced a change in direction for me from the pool to meditation and armchair exercise which I taught for the older person and which was a slower pace for me as well.

 In 2004 I received a phone call from my sister in Australia that she had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

I immediately flew to Perth to be by her side and support her through this difficult time.  Her whole family was distraught that this vibrant lady who ran her own complementary therapy business and who had represented Western Australia at ‘power-lifting’ competitions should succumb to this disease.  For 6 weeks I stayed at her side and met her doctors, clients and friends, and visited hospitals and churches with her.  Many of her friends were Spiritualist Mediums.  One of them told me that she saw a beautiful butterfly inside of me that was waiting to emerge and that I had been a healer in many previous lives.

My sister overcame her cancer and today is an inspiration to everyone who meets her.  She is a busy Spiritualist Medium working at churches in and around Perth.

I returned home, and inspired by my ‘butterfly’ message, began studying complementary therapies.  It was easy as I loved all of the work and the opportunities it gave me.

Through the practise of Reflexology and Reiki I joined a Spiritualist church as a healer and gave healing on a weekly basis.

I was persuaded to attend another local healing centre and it was from there that I was invited to sit in a trance circle.  Through this trance circle I learned that I had a Spirit Surgeon called Joshua who had chosen to work with me to bring Spiritual Surgery to the world.  We have been training together since 2005, almost on a daily basis, to enhance our connection with each other.

Joshua is a very gentle but lively Spirit who lived on the Earth many thousands of years ago, and has been training for the past 300 years to develop and perfect his skills in this work.

I have been working as a therapist for CYANA (Cancer, You Are Not Alone), a cancer support charity in East London for the past 5 years.  I am a member of the Corinthian Church & Healing Association (CCHA), and also a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists.

It is now time to bring the great gift of Spiritual Surgery to those in need.

Testimonials page added

Some of the Testimonials I have greatly received from the lovely people I treat.